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Safety Glasses

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*One or Two year manufacturing warranty included.

(Warranties dependant on type of coatings)

*Coatings are based on the regulations of your work place and the recommendations of our doctors.

Safety Glasses are very important safety equipment that are readily available in almost all hardware and tool stores in non-prescription form, however, prescription safety glasses are not as well known.  

The type of eyewear protection that you might need, depends on the type of work you are doing. The Canadian Centre Occupational Health and Safety site provides information on what type of safety eyewear is recommended for different types of work environments.


Frames and Lenses

Our prescription safety glasses are classified as Class 1 Spectacles with a Canadian CSA Standard rating of Z94.3.


The lenses manufactured by Hoya and are available in single vision, multifocal and progressives.

Lens Materials:




Coatings Available:

-Clarity Shield (scratch resistant)




Occupational Vision Care (OVC) Program

We are proud providers of the Occupational Vision Care (OVC) Program.  The OVC program allows companies to supply prescription safety glasses to their employees at no cost to them. The OVC is the best safety program available to industry. This unique program can be customized to meet the specific needs of every Client Company in all industrial settings.

Further information on the OVC program can be obtained through the Manitoba Association of Optometrists.