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Ocular Emergencies

Corneal scratch

Retinal detachment and tear

Metallic foreign body

Here at Concordia Eye Centre, Drs. Bayer and Samborski are able to handle many different types of ocular emergencies. Please note that these emergency services are covered by Manitoba Health or can be billed directly to the Worker's Compensation Board of Manitoba, if the injury happened at the workplace.

    If you are experiencing an ocular emergency outside of our regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm), then please proceed to the Misericordia Health Centre's 24/7 Eye Care Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba, where there is a 24-hour on-call Ophthalmologist. Please present yourself at patient registration through the 99 Cornish Avenue entrance.

What constitutes an eye emergency?

Eye emergencies can come in many different forms. Most commonly, Drs. Bayer and Samborski

treat eye infections or remove foreign bodies, such as tiny pieces of metal or dirt, from the eye.

Any eye that is experiencing a sudden onset of flashing lights, floating spots or areas of missing

vision also constitutes an eye emergency, even when there is no associated pain.

Although we do accept walk-in emergencies, it is advisable to call our office at

204-415-0018 to let us know that an emergency is on the way so that we can triage you more


How are eye emergencies treated?

This depends on the nature of the emergency. Since July 2013, Optometrists in Manitoba can

prescribe antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops for the eye, so Dr. Bayer or Dr. Samborski

might prescribe a medication as part of the course of treatment. It may also be necessary to

apply some freezing drops to the eye, in order to remove a piece of debris that is stuck to the

front of the eye with their specially designed tools. In the case of flashing lights or floating spots,

the eye will be dilated so it is a good idea to come prepared with a driver and your sunglasses.

How much does it cost for an eye emergency exam?

Manitoba Health covers the cost of an examination to deal with the emergency itself. This will

be a shorter appointment than the comprehensive eye examination and will not assess the

overall vision or health of the eye, but will deal specifically with the particular problem that is

the reason for the visit.

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