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Here are some helpful links

Manitoba Association Optometrists - MAO is the regulatory and licensing

body for the practice of optometry in Manitoba. They are responsible for

enforcement of the provisions of the Optometry Act and Regulation.

Canadian Association of Optometrists - CAO is the professional

associationthat represents Doctors of Optometry in Canada. It is also the

national federation of ten provincial associations of optometrists and

represents over 4,500 members across Canada.

Optos - Optomap Retinal Imaging  - The Optomap is a panoramic digital

image of the retina, it shows the Optomerist a 200 degree scan of the

back of your eye! At Concordia Eye Centre, optomap imaging is included

in all Comprehensive Adult eye exams!

Eye Foods - A Food Plan for Healthy Eyes is the idea and creation of

Dr. Laurie Capogna and Dr. Barbara Pelletier, two optometrists who,

together, have over twenty-five years of Optometric experience.

Through their daily interactionswith patients both optometrists saw the

need for a way to educate people regarding the benefits of good nutrition

and vision. Developed over months of research, Eyefoods, A Food Plan for

Healthy Eyes is a tool to encourage their patients and the public to

discover the power of certain foods to prevent eye disease.

Transitions Lenses - Transitions lenses automatically adjust from clear to

dark when exposed to sunlight so you always the a perfect tint no matter

the lighting conditions!

Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)- A voluntary, non profit

rehabilitation agency that provides services for people who are blind,

visually impaired and deafblind.

Winnipeg Free Press - Optometrists Expanded Scope of PracticeIt has been a very long wait but finally Optometrists in Manitoba can prescribe eye medications!  Make Concordia Eye Centre your first stop for any eye problems! For more information here is Manitoba Health’s official press release regarding Optometrists’ expanded scope of practice.