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​Contact lenses that add an accent to your iris in styles such as Natural Shine, Vivid Style, Natural Shimmer, Natural Sparkle, Accent Style.

An OSI Exclusive Product

Dimensions®: Contact lenses that contrast with your iris in colours such as Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue and Sea Green.

Contact Lenses

Coloured Lenses

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Colors®: Contact lenses that enhance your iris in colours such as Blue, Green, Hazel and Violet.

Contact lenses that change the colour of your iris to Aqua, Sky Blue, Blue Topaz, Misty Brown, Gray, Spring Green, Hazel or Jade Green

ColorBlends®: Contact lenses that change the colour of your iris to Blue, Brilliant Blue, Brown, Gemstone, Green, Gray, Pure Hazel, Sterling Gray, True Sapphire, or Turquoise.